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Weather and Weddings (in Florida) | Ann Eastwick

Weather and Weddings (in Florida)

Bad weather is probably one of the most uncontrollable and stressful parts of any wedding. Even an indoor wedding can be affected by bad weather that causes difficulty for guest attendance, getting the wedding party to and from the venue(s) without being blown to bits or soaked with rain or snow.

For couples who decide on an outdoor venue it is a definite stress producer. Here in Florida there are a lot of couples who have dreamed of a beautiful outdoor venue but perhaps have not considered all the pros and cons.

Below are some suggestions to help minimize potential problems.


Visit Potential Venues at the Same Time of Year as your Event

This may seem like DUH… but your venue may look and feel totally different at different times of the year.  If you visit your venue in November and sweet gentle breezes and comfortable temperatures are happening you cannot expect the same if your wedding is scheduled for August.

Conversely, visiting your venue on a beautiful, warm spring day is probably not what you and your guests may experience in January. 

I know of several wonderful venues that have pools or public play areas near their ceremony sites and just the added sounds of people playing, laughing, and music blaring can be unwelcome during the summer months even if the weather is beautiful. If it is hot, humid, loud and distracting, you and your guests may not experience your dream wedding.   

  • ask your venue about “Plan B” alternatives
  • do they have indoor space that could be used instead if the weather is bad?
  • can you rent a tent and heaters to maximize comfort?
  • does the venue provide cover for the ceremony/reception site?  

Beach Weddings 

If your dream is to be married on the beach and your day turns out to be a scorcher make sure you arrange for guest comfort. 

  • make sure there is plenty of water prior to and during the event
  • try to provide shade for elderly or sun-sensitive guests
  • have fans or cool cloths available
  • consider renting fine mist sprayers 

Lions and Tigers and BUGS, Oh My! 

Lions and tigers aren’t likely to show up at your wedding but it is probable that bugs will! This is  especially true in areas near marshes or woods or on the beach when there is a land breeze or no wind. 

  • ask if your venue sprays prior to your event
  • provide insect repellent for your guests (wipes are better than spray to avoid inadvertently spraying in the other guests eyes or mouth…
  • consider citronella tiki torches or candles
  • talk to your florist about using mosquito repellent florals like lemon balm, lavender, peppermint or marigolds
  • rent fans 


Unfortunately, here in Florida we are made painfully aware of the effects severe weather can have on all areas of our lives. Weddings may be just a small part of those affected but if it is your wedding, it is a definite source of stress. Make sure your venue and vendor contracts are clear about financial responsibility, rescheduling or postponing, refunds and credits. There are many variables depending on who calls off the event.

  • if the venue cancels – will they postpone or reschedule, refund, credit, etc?
  • if you cancel – will the venue refund your deposit; will they postpone or reschedule your event with no additional cost?
  • will there be a time limit on postponements?
  • how will the above be affected with mandatory evacuation, closures or government orders?
  • check your contracts for “Force Majaeure” clauses (basically protects both parties from catastrophic circumstances out of anyone’s control)

These are just a few thoughts after observing several years of weddings. I hope these suggestions are helpful and that you have a wonderful and beautiful day. 

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