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Marriage and its traditions have changed radically through my life.  I was born in the “traditional” 1950s and came of age during the turmoil of the ‘60s and the sexual revolution of the ‘70s.  In the 1980s, as a wife and mother, the marriage rate was declining and couples cohabitation was increasing.  Fighting for what they believed in, inter-racial and gay couples were also increasing. The ‘90s continued to see a decline in marriage and changes in tradition.

This is not a commentary on how or why those traditions and movements took place, but rather my feelings about where we are now.  Statistically we’re told that marriage is waning in the 21st century.  Among other things – the women’s movement, sexual revolution, changes in family structure, single mothers, a more educated population – have contributed to the statistics.  I believe some of the things that contribute to those statistics also bode well for the marriages which are taking place today.

Grown children from single parent homes want a mate; educated brides and grooms have analyzed the statistics and still want to commit; two working people want to come home to each other; lovers of all persuasions want a family.

The couples I meet who are looking for a Wedding Officiant want someone who understands their commitment and their history.  They want a assistance putting together a ceremony that reflects their beliefs and values, their emotions and personalities.

Brides and grooms come to me together to discuss their ceremony, and generally, they both contribute to making the ceremony selections.  I am thrilled with this collaborative effort and love getting to know my couples and to see the commitment they are promising each other.

To me, it looks like couples, of all kinds, are taking vows and making pledges to be devoted, faithful, loyal, and loving.  This is why I love being a Wedding Officiant!!

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